Car – B
Manual and automatic

The car licence allows you to drive:

  • Car not exceeding 3500 kg (m.m.a.) and 9 persons (including driver)
  • Trailer not exceeding 750 kg (m.m.a.)
  • Trailer exceeding 750 kg (m.m.a.), only if the maximum authorised mass of the combination (car + trailer) does not exceed 3500 kg (m.m.a.)
  • Moped (50 ccm)
  • Tractor
  • Self-propelled machine not exceeding 12,000 kg (a.i.m.)
  • Quadricycle


Minimum age: 17.5 years with parental consent


Inscription: 80€
Tax: 30€
Theory: 190€
per hour
Practical examination:
Theory failure + Tax:


Theory: 12 hours min. + theoretical exam
Practical: 16 hours min. + practical exam

In case of accompanied driving, 12 hours before and 4 hours after the accompanied regime.
In case of failure of the theory, 6 hours are mandatory.
In case of failure of the practice, 8 hours are mandatory.

Registration documents

  • Signature of applicant & any accompanying persons

Application to obtain SNCA

  • Medical certificate (less than 3 months old)
  • Recent photograph (passport or identity card type)
  • Copy of identity card
  • Copy of the identity card of any accompanying persons
  • Extract from the criminal record of the country of origin, if residence in Luxembourg is less than 5 years

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